Asha ka Dwar means Door of Hope in Hindi

:: And there I will ... make the Valley of Achor (trouble) into a Door of Hope :: 
Hosea 2

This is a chapter of transformation. A promise of righteousness, justice, steadfast love, & mercy.

Michelle & Jes first met in 2007, at the beginning of their midwifery training. Over the course of 2 years spent in the Philippines, they experienced & internalised the significant impact that midwifery can have in the nations. The passion for training local birth attendants in the most remote corners of the world to help save maternal & infant lives, was birthed and gained momentum. Both with a deeply rooted love for Asia, N. India gradually became the focal point for each of them as they separately pursued the paths ahead. After much rumination & confirmation, they are joyful to join together as a team to invest in the lives of women & families in Bihar, India.  

While not expecting it to be easy [by any stretch], Michelle & Jes cling to the promise of transformation and their heart is for their skills & the partnerships that have developed to unite in helping open a door of hope in the place commonly known as the 'heart of backwardness' of India.  They invite you to anticipate & pursue new life in Bihar!