join us.

Spring 2013 - We are currently back in the States this year and are laying framework for returning to India the beginning of 2014. It has been an incredible first two years full of learning and broadening of our perspective. We feel we have reached a point at which we can strategize a realistic starting towards the specific vision we have had for several years.

We greatly value your involvement on this journey and appreciate the medley of creative partnerships that have already been formed as well as those that have yet to be developed. Please contact us or click on the links below if you would like to partner with us in any of the following areas or if you have an idea which will help broaden our support base to include new ideas and efforts: 

  • Financial Partner - Go to "Donate" - select drop down "Special Funds & Projects" - select "Asha ka Dwar" #0288 
  • Plane Tickets - or Air Miles
  • Medical Equipment - Please note this will be updated & changed during Autumn, 2013. 
  • Daily Intercession Network 
  • Support & Encouragement
  • Any creative way that you would like to join this project using your  unique skills / resources!

We are incredibly excited to see the ways in which we can unite & see transformation ~ thank you!